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    About Us
    First off, we are just "horse people" and love horses. There is something about a horse that many people will never get to experience. Horses love, they care, they comfort, and they speak to us in so many ways. The story of our Tulip on the home page says a lot about how we feel about the horses. Her passing so profoundly affected us, when we realized how much she had touched so many people. Even though we only had her a short time, her impact on everyone was dramatic. She was not big, not particularly strong, blind in one eye, her right ear was torn up, but she was our Tulip...our big teddy bear. Under saddle, she was super gentle and was the first horse a 2 year old little girl rode, and was also the last ride for an 82 year old gentleman.

    After her passing, we decided to start Hearts 4 Horses. We know so many people who have felt the same about their horse. If you are a horse person, then you know how much the horses can affect people. There are so many people in the world that could benefit from knowing a horse in that special way, and there are so many horses that need rescued, or helped. We hope this community will be the resource that everyone can use to help make it happen. Yes, the horses need our help, but ironically, we could use their help too.

    Our purpose is to help make sure that each and every horse is in the care of a responsible owner. But along with that, we want to help educate, to share information and to be a resource for horse owners and horse rescuers. Please take a few minutes to explore all the parts of the website, ask questions or help provide an answer to someone else's question, or visit the online store - where you can find special gifts for horse lovers - just like you! The links page - has links to some major horse associations, and some valuable other links too. Along with those things are two of the most important parts of the website: the Adopt-A-Horse listings and the Report Abuse page. So take a look around and please let us know if you have any suggestions on how to make this site better for you.

    So, in May of 2009 we began. We welcome you and dedicate the Hearts 4 Horses organization to Tulip, and all the others at the Rainbow Bridge. May each of you in your life, be able to experience what Tulip gave to us.

    Dedicated to Tulip - waiting at the Rainbow Bridge...

    Dedicated to Tulip