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    "Our Vision is to Help Create a Community Where
    Every Horse is in the Care of a Responsible Owner."
    Tulip's Story

    We rescued Tulip in early 2006. She was blind in one eye and had suffered an injury to her right ear. We didn't know any history on her and didn't even know her actual age. Our granddaughter fell in love with her so we took her home. Tulip was a faithful companion and we all grew to love her very much. After about 3 years, Tulip began to lose her teeth and had a hard time chewing her food. She was losing weight and soon after, also developed painful arthritis in her left hind leg and hip.

    Then, that dreadful day came when we had to make the decision to end her suffering. The vet told us Tulip was over 30 years old. We knew that we had given her some wonderful, loving last years. It is always a hard thing to do to let an animal go. But together, we prayed THE HORSE'S PRAYER and let her go. Tulip is now at the RAINBOW BRIDGE waiting until we meet again.

    So many people have felt the way we feel about Tulip. And yet, for all the thousands of horse owners who so dearly love their horses, there are many horses that go unwanted and suffer neglect and painful hunger. Together, as a community, we can all help. We can become a huge network. A network of valuable resources for all horse people...for all horses. That is why Hearts 4 Horses was started.

    So welcome to Hearts4Horses. Please feel free to look around the website. We are glad you are visiting. This site is to become "everyone's site", the entire horse community can share, learn and be a part of each other's happiness, and can offer support in times of sadness. Again, we WELCOME YOU and THANK YOU for making this website part of your day...

    Tulip RidesTulip playing with the kids at
    Double Spear Ranch in 2006