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    Report Abuse Form
    Thank you for becoming the voice for the animals who need help. To prevent spam, when you click 'Submit', you will be asked to enter the four digit number shown in the Verification Box. When filling out the form, be sure to enter as much detailed information as possible. Once you are done, you will be taken back to Hearts 4 Horses...Horse Chat 24/7. Thank you again.
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    Breed and Color of horse(s)/animal(s) you are reporting (if known):
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    EXACT STREET ADDRESS where animal(s) are located:
    City where animal(s) are located:
    County where animal(s) are located:
    Your telephone number (in case we can't find the animals):
    COMPLETE directions to the location of the animal(s):
    Please list your complaint in detail. Also note if you have pictures or additional information available:

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